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Organic Garden Club of Ventura County

January 22nd Meeting


5:30 – 8:30 pm

Horizon Hills Pre School

33 Greta St.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Wild Fermenting Foods with speaker Michele Lopez of Wild at Heart Ojai, who began as a wildlife biologist and started the Ojai Food Co-op, and now her company ferments in-season veggies and fruit that help aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system.



Join us in the Garden!


The Organic Garden Club of Ventura County is a non-profit organization, and its members are members of:

California Garden Clubs

and the parent organization

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The National Garden Clubs are one of the most recognized non-profits in the United States and the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. At National Garden Clubs, we connect you with people, plants and programs that provide inspiration, information and valuable resources.

Companion Planting Guide

Southern California Vegetable Planting Timetable

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Garden Adventures

January 12: Saturday, 9:30 - 11:30, Planting Ventura Psychiatric Unit Garden. Volunteers wanted to create a small native, succulent, dry edible garden in two raised beds by the window of the psychiatric unit.
January 15: Tuesday, 6 - 8, Join us for dinner at  Sharky’s Mexican Grill in Janss Marketplace, next to the fountain and Burlington, for an organic Mexican dinner and talk about gardening.
January 26 - Saturday, 1 - 3 pm, National Seed Day - Moorpark Library. Volunteers wanted for our club’s table for National Seed Day at the Moorpark Library, where we will share seeds with our information on the back.


Looking Ahead

February 2 - Saturday, 12 noon -  Volunteers for the California Garden Clubs Channel Island District Luncheon on March 19 please join us for a meeting at the new Tantra Indian Restaurant on Lindero Canyon near Kanan Rd that offers some organic ingredients. 

February 23 - Saturday, 11:30 - 2 - Tour the Conejo Valley Botanical Garden with Mary Freed and bring snacks for a Tea Party afterwards.

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