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Hosting the California Garden Clubs Channel Islands District Luncheon

On March 19, 2019, members of the Organic Garden Club of Ventura County had a wonderful time hosting the California Garden Clubs Channel Islands District Luncheon at the North Ranch Center in Westlake Village. Chef Juan Agustin, here with Diana Lovejoy and Mary Freed, created a spring inspired meal with all organic, seasonal ingredients sourced in Ventura…
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Bill Brandt’s Backyard Fruit Orchard

Here's a wonderful new video with our past president, Bill Brandt, who gives us a tour of his Fruit Orchard at his Thousand Oaks home. The results are in for Bill’s Apple Tasting Meeting on October 22, 2018: 1. Braeburn, 2. Jonagold, 3. Fuji, 4. Jonalicious, 5. Ribston Pippin, 6. Pink Pearl, 7. Hudson’s Golden Gem,…
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Grow Organic Fig Trees at Home

Grow luscious fig trees in large pots in a warm, bright spot where the trees will be protected from late frosts, such as a south facing wall. Fig trees take minimal care and do not require much water or feeding and come in many varieties. In California, fig trees can grow outside all year; in…
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Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Bill Brandt, California Rare Fruit Grower and Past President of Organic Garden Club, lead a fun and informative Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop in February, 2018 in Sheila Suarez and Lillian Trevisan’s gardens. Four Steps to Pruning Fruit Trees: (with other tips to follow) by Bill Brandt Cut the whips (top growth from last year’s growth)…
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