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Grow Bananas in your Backyard

In February, Mark Steele, professor at CSUN and member of California Rare Fruits Growers, spoke at our Organic Garden Club meeting and explained that gardeners in Southern California can grow bananas in their yard by getting a pup from a neighbor’s banana plant or a banana corm from the nursery. People have been eating bananas…
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Drought-Resistant Veggie Garden

Gardeners can make the best use of moisture during times of water shortage by using several different organic solutions. Healthy garden soil itself holds moisture with its organic plants and compost. The organic matter in the soil also attracts earthworms and microorganisms to feed nutrients to the plant and produces humus to hold it in…
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The Traveling Red Wriggler Worm Bin

Nature’s master composters, red wriggler worms excrete a highly nitrous fertilizer called castings, the highest quality compost in percentage of nutrients and micro-organisms. Red Wriggler Worm castings enrich the soil by providing the best nutrients for water retention, air flow, and minerals to enrich the garden soil and grow extra healthy organic fruits and veggies.…
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All Good Things Organic Seeds

Local organic open-pollinated seeds are the best option for gardeners to plant in their raised bed organic veggie garden. Local varieties are the best adapted to the climate, easiest to grow, and produce great harvests. All Good Things Organic Seeds in Ojai, California offer hundreds of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including rare and improved…
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