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Water Pot Irrigation

Around 100 A.D., Southwestern Indian kids could be found filling water pots in the nearby stream as part of their tribe’s irrigation system for their food crops. Olla pots are basketball sized and bigger storage pots that were used to hold water and grains. The potter dug his own clay, ground it, shaped it, and…
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Organic Garden Compost

Organic gardeners can grow food using planet cooling, organic regenerative practices and petition farmers to do the same.  In an organic patio garden, we can create free fertilizer, weed preventing mulch, soil improver, and plant disease prevention by making compost and imitating nature. Compost improves soil structure, retaining more water and giving roots room to…
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Members Organic Potluck

About 38 happy gardeners enjoyed an incredible feast at the Members Organic Potluck with home grown organic fruits and veggies in Bill Brandt’s beautiful fruit lined patio last night. Thanks for hosting a fabulous party, Bill! So many enlivening conversations, delicious food choices, and fabulous fruit trees! Robert and Rey were the life of the…
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Three Permaculture Gardens

The Organic Garden Club visited three edible permaculture gardens in our area this spring. Permaculture means creating an ecosystem right where we live that provides for itself involving the organic native plants, animals, birds, and insects that have been uprooted by urban expansion. Instead of putting poison in the soil, air, and water as happens…
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