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Grow Organic Fig Trees at Home

Grow luscious fig trees in large pots in a warm, bright spot where the trees will be protected from late frosts, such as a south facing wall. Fig trees take minimal care and do not require much water or feeding and come in many varieties. In California, fig trees can grow outside all year; in…
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Fresh and Festive Wreaths

What a great time of year to take a walk in your backyard or neighborhood and collect cuttings or dropped cones or seed pods to make a locally sourced wreath for the holiday season.  Just be sure to ask your neighbors/parks and rec. before cutting.    For my wreath, I found cedar, spruce, eucalyptus and…
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Organic Garden Club visits BlueSky Biochar

Organic Garden members learned about biochar, a charcoal soil amendment, from Michael Wittman during a tour of his organic garden in July, 2017. “Biochar's high carbon content and porous composition helps soil to retain water, nutrients, protect soil microbes, and ultimately increase crop yields while growing healthier, more productive, disease-resistant plants. All the while helping combat global climate change by sequestering and stabilizing rich organic carbon in your soil,”…
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