Fresh and Festive Wreaths

What a great time of year to take a walk in your backyard or neighborhood and collect cuttings or dropped cones or seed pods to make a locally sourced wreath for the holiday season.  Just be sure to ask your neighbors/parks and rec. before cutting.    For my wreath, I found cedar, spruce, eucalyptus and pine as well as pittosporums and native hawthorne, sugar bush and sage being trimmed by the city crews and they were more than willing to share.   Lavender, rosemary, succulents, and toyon along with it's berries were ripe for picking.   After collecting all the greenery and berries follow the next steps.

wire wreath (1)

**Make a grapevine wreath or purchase a wire wreath and thin floral wire at the local craft or retail store.  Sort out all the things gathered into piles:


**Use your pruners to downsize cuttings into small bundles of different greens to make small bouquet bundles and think about the size you want based on size of your wreath.  Be sure to include those nice seed pods and berries.  Wrap the bundles tightly with approx. 12" of floral wire.IMG_1411

**After you've made 12- 15 bundles your ready to attach them to the wire wreath.  Use about another 12" of wire to attach each bundle to the wreath and lay each one on top the next to form a wreath keeping in mind the wire is hidden by the layering of the bundles.

IMG_1209Hang your wreath on a door or place it on a table with candles in the center.  You will receive a warm greeting and wonderful scent when entering your  home or  sitting at your table.  Your visitors will be delighted with it's beauty.

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